Take advantage of tomorrow’s technology, this type of avant-garde construction offers advantages and yields far superior to traditional constructions.

In addition to a rapid return on investment due to energy savings in heating, time and upkeep, your well-kept, high-resale building does not deteriorate over time and requires minimal maintenance . It’s a great investment for you and your next generation.

Advantages and Benefits

Building made of concrete

Hardness, durability, warm winter, cool summer

Interior exterior finish

Cleanliness, easy maintenance

Integrated and sealed insulation

Does not deteriorate, is not visible

Smooth PVC surface

Less dirt and bacteria retention

Maximum sealing potential

Increased efficiency of protective filters and ventilation, avoid intrusion of vermin

High weather resistance

No damage, no flying sheets

Long lasting materials

Save time and money, no paint or repair needed

Brightness by reflexion

Economy in electricity, favor the detection of badly developed animals

Clean and neat building

Pride, personalized image, recognition

Substantial heating savings

Reduction of initial cost annually

Quick assembly

Reduced non-production time

Whether you decide to build yourself or choose our team of experts, do not hesitate to contact us for a partial or turn-key submission to have your project developed according to your expectations.

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